The work examines the spiritual air that surrounds technological progress, and it’s public perception as a divine power or new deity of sorts. The attitude is reflected in texts that come with new devices, promising a dramatic change in the quality of life while using terminology that suggests enlightenment and revelation. More then anything, these attest to the user’s need or desire for internal, deep and essential transformation.
Transmigration is a 3D simulation video triptych that acts as a portal. The triptych arrangement of the work conjures up religious painting and establishes power relations that place the viewer at the center, flanked by the image on both sides. The piece draws inspiration from books of spiritual philosophy and sacred texts, whose cover features on the image of a gate. The gates that appear on the covers of these books seem to point to the pages that follow them as holding a promise of transition or change. Those who will enter them, they hint, will have a chance to access a new dimension of existential insight.

New Age, MoBY: Museums of Bat Yam, Bat Yam
Curator: Hila Cohen-Sheniderman


Elinor Salomon

『﹄﹃』 ㋡