The blurred image as a subject continues to find entry, suffering from the fear of missing out by the non-human or the in-human form of knowledge (Doreen Mende)
Your machines contain energy. We carry them everyday and hold them close to our bodies, cuddling them at nights, giving us the last light before falling asleep. Our dreams blend into scrolling images, appearing as a blur images when we try to retrieve them from our memory. Our machines contains memories, of bodies digging minerals from the ground, transferring raw materials from one hand to another.
Minshar Gallery, Curator: Adiya Porat; Tel Aviv, Israel

Solo exhibition 2018
+ 6 channels video installation
+ 5 silkscreen prints on digital prints (paper)
+ 2 digital print on silk fabrics


Elinor Salomon

『﹄﹃』 ㋡